The members

The CFPM consists of three members appointed by the city council: a chairperson and two vice-chairs.

The chairperson is a full-time position, while the vice-chairs work part-time and cannot hold another position with Ville de Montréal. The term of office of current members is 4 years; it was specified in the resolution of appointment of the city council.

The members sit in sessions to review complaints and to decide if they are founded; they also issue recommendations as they see fit. The members also sit on the audit committee and participate in the selection of audit mandates to be conducted during the year.

The employees

Four employees work for the Commission:

Two advisors, one junior advisor and one executive secretary.

Mathilde Blanc, CRHA


Frédérique Sogbossi


Carlianney Ho

Junior Advisor

Adolphine Luzayday

Executive Secretary

External consultants can also be called on in the course of certain projects.

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