The services of the CFPM are mainly dedicated to the employees of Ville de Montréal, whether they are unionized or not, as well as to external applicants who are looking for a job at Ville de Montréal. In fact, any individual who has concerns about the staffing process of the city may call upon the services of the CFPM.

To do so, they must fill out an online complaint form and include all relevant details in order for the CFPM to fully understand the alleged situation.

The Commission will then review the form to determine the complaint’s admissibility. A complaint will be deemed admissible if — assuming the alleged situation is found to be true — it would suggest that the Ville de Montréal’s staffing procedure violated the principles of fairness, impartiality or transparency.

The CFPM will notify the individual of its decision as to the admissibility of his or her complaint within a few days of receiving it. Admissible complaints will then be investigated.

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Below are some examples of situations for which you could contact the CFPM : 

  • You respond to a job posting, but find it lacks transparency.
  • You wish to file a complaint after your application was rejected based on your eligibility.
  • You feel your failure on a written test was caused by an unfair treatment.
  • You believe you were discriminated against because you belong to a protected class.
  • You believe the selection process was tampered with to benefit a particular applicant.

If you feel that you have been wronged in a staffing process, no matter what the situation is, we invite you to complete the complaint form. The CFPM will then analyze the information provided and will promptly give you feedback concerning the admissibility of your complaint.

Before filing a complaint, we encourage you to directly contact the person responsible for the process to discuss concerns arising from a staffing procedure. This practice could lead to a settlement of the dispute even before filing a complaint.

Your complaint is admissible
  • If the complaint form — including your identification — is filled out properly.
  • If the alleged situation, if found to be true, represents a clear violation of the principles of fairness, impartiality or transparency during the staffing process.

    The reported incident or incidents must be specific enough. Complaints of a general nature or related to ambiguous events which cannot be readily corroborated by testimony or documentary evidence will be rejected. The reported incident or incidents must also represent significant violations of the CFPM’s principles; trivial matters will be rejected.

Your complaint is not admissible
  • If it is abusive or made with the intent to cause harm to others.
  • If it falls outside the purview of the CFPM.
  • If it is filed more than 45 business days after the event in question.

    The CFPM reserves the right to accept or reject any complaint received after this period. Such acomplaint should include a valid reason for being filed after the deadline.

Message to unionized employees of Ville de Montréal

Your collective agreement may provide alternative recourses to the Commission’s complaint process. Please contact your union for more information on this subject.

Please note that if you have made an appeal under your collective agreement, you may pursue a complaint process with the Commission, however, the admissibility of your complaint will depend upon the reported incident(s). The CFPM reserves the right to accept or reject such complaints based on its analysis of the allegations.

In case of uncertainty, do not hesitate to contact us

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