Filing a complaint is easy, fast and confidential.

You will know within a few days whether or not your complaint will lead to an investigation. Should it be considered inadmissible by the Commission, you might have other recourses available to you.

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Discover below the steps of a complaint:

Submitting a complaint form

To file a complaint with the Commission, a complaint form must be submitted. This procedure only takes a few minutes to complete and is totally confidential. Only CFPM employees have access to this secure form. 

Admissibility review

In most cases, a CFPM advisor will contact the complainant to obtain additional information concerning the alleged facts. Subsequently, the Commission rules on the admissibility of the complaint and communicates the decision to the said person.



An advisor will collect and review all relevant testimonial and documentary evidence to determine if the complaint is susbtantiated.

CFPM session

The advisor will present the investigation results to the CFPM members who will then have to decide if the allegations are founded. They may also issue any relevant recommendations. CFPM sessions are held on a monthly basis.


The Commission advises the complainant and the other individuals involved about its findings.


The Commission may issue one or more recommendations to the relevant administrative units based on the conclusions of its investigation. If so, it will follow up their implemantation.

Should you disagree with the resolution of your complaint, you might have other recourse available to you;

see the useful links section to learn more. 

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