The CFPM’s mission is, initially, to deal with complaints concerning the staffing process of Ville de Montréal. And, secondly, it is a question of determining whether, when dealing with these complaints, the city respects the principles of fairness, impartiality and transparency.

In addition, the Commission aims at the continuous improvement of staffing procedures and may thus issue recommendations it considers appropriate, even without a related complaint.

The CFPM activities are performed in compliance with the policies and collective agreements in place.


Become an independent center of strategic expertise working to strengthen the integrity of staffing and workforce management processes at Ville de Montreal.


Four core value are at the heart of our mission

The work and behaviour of the members and employees of the CFPM embody and exemplify the following four core values:


Employees can demonstrate their expertise by accomplishing their work with efficiency, thoroughness and professionalism. They must also uphold the highest ethical standards and seek any opportunity to update their skills.


This entails promoting justice and respect for diversity in every decision, and avoiding actions that could benefit one person at the expense of another.


Being impartial means avoiding situations where a conflict of interest could arise. This is accomplished by making decisions based on facts, with no regards to one’s personal interests.


Being transparent means communicating accurate information in a clear and honest way in order to build trust between members and employees of the Commission, as well as with partners and candidates.

In addition to promoting the three values of the city's administration - integrity, loyalty and respect - the CFPM gives priority in its interventions to a constructive approach of collaboration, while remaining neutral and thorough.

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