To file a complaint, you must complete and submit the following complaint form, and attach any relevant information related to your allegations. 

You may also download the form and send it to us: 

Email: [email protected]


Commission de la fonction publique de Montréal
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Fax: 514 872-1788

Over the phone with an advisor: 438 825-0993

Personal information

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Information on the appointment, the staffing process and other elements to consider

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In accordance with its By-law, the CFPM must share the information related to the complaint with the administrative unit in charge of the staffing process subject of the complaint (usually the Human Resources Department).

As such, if your complaint is deemed admissible, and the CFPM carried out an investigation to verify the allegations, your identity will be disclosed to the relevant persons in that administrative unit.

To consent, please read and check the following box:

You should be aware that, as part of its investigation, the CFPM may communicate with other individuals involved in your allegations, but that are not part of the administrative unit in charge of the staffing process. If this is the case, the information obtained from you will remain confidential. Your identity may only be disclosed for investigative purposes, if deemed necessary. 

If you have any questions related to the disclosure of your identity, we invite you to contact us.


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