Unfairness during the interview


At their session held on April 12 2019, the CFPM members analyzed a complaint about a staffing process for a temporary white-collar position relating to the following allegation:


In order to fully understand the nature of the complainant’s allegation, the Commission carefully gathered his[1] testimony and went over the elements contained in his complaint form, as well as any other relevant facts that he wished to bring to our attention.

Investigation methodology

  • A meeting with the complainant was held to determine the nature of the complaint, analyze its admissibility and study the complaint thoroughly.
  • An interview with the Human Resources department representatives involved was then held, with the complainant’s consent, to gather their version of the facts.
  • The Commission interviewed other witnesses concerned by the complaint.
  • All parties met or interviewed were informed of the confidentiality of the process and agreed to abide thereby.
  • A review of the documentary evidence was also conducted.
  • The investigative process, including meetings or telephone interviews, analysis of testimony and documentation, as well as conclusions, was then presented during a board meeting with CFPM members. 


  • The complaint was carefully analyzed based on the evidence gathered (testimony and documentation).
  • After an analysis of all the facts brought to the attention of the CFPM in the course of this investigation, the complainant's allegation was upheld.
  • A representative of HR informed the Commission that single-assessor interviews were implemented two years ago for some white-collar and blue-collar positions.
  • The CFPM considers that since the white-collar collective agreement does not adress assessment committees, it is at HR's discretion to use its stewardship right in this regard. 
  • With respect to the allegation underlying the complaint, the CFPM believes that the fairness of the process with respect to the manner in which the interview was conducted was maintained. All candidates were interviewed by the same assessor, and the assessor acted alone in all cases. 
  • The analysis of the templates used in the interviews revealed no discrepancies in the use of the tools and the criteria for competency assessment.


After an analysis of all the facts brought to the CFPM’s attention, the members found that HR committed no breaches in relation to the complainant’s allegation.


Nevertheless, the Commission issued a recommendation in relation to the selection committee, as it considers that the interviews of this process should have been conducted by a panel consisting of at least two assessors. Indeed, in a December 2018 opinion on this topic, the CFPM argued that single-assessor interviews should be used only as part of temporary processes and for jobs with low technical requirements. Since the staffing process in question was intended to fill a permanent position involving significant organizational issues, the use of a single-assessor interview was contrary to the opinion of the Commission.

[1] Note: The use of the masculine gender includes the feminine and is employed to ensure conidentiality of the complainant as well as to facilitate reading.



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