Favoritism at hiring


In May 2018, the CFPM reported to the concerned authorities the results of an investigation regarding allegations of favoritism by the hiring manager during a selection process. Specifically, the complainant alleged that the said manager had favored a personal friend.


The various testimonies collected during this investigation did not demonstrate that there had been favoritism in the staffing process. In fact, the investigation revealed that the appointee had succeeded in demonstrating the required competencies not only during the city's assessment, but also during a competency evaluation conducted by an external third party.


The evidence gathered during this investigation led the members of the Commission to rule that there were no issues of bias in this staffing process. Since the responsible authorities had followed the steps of the process (posting, sorting the applications based on the required criteria and assessing the competencies with objectivity), the Commission could not state that the appointee was nominated on the sole basis of his/her friendship with the hiring manager. According to the Reverso Dictionary, favoritism is defined as "the practice of giving special treatment to a person or group". This entails that one would grant advantages by favor and not by merit. Since the appointee was able to demontrate mastery of the required competencies in two seperate evaluations, one of which was done by an external and neutral third party, the members of the Commission ruled that the complaint was unfounded.

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