Ageism and sexism at the eligibility stage


In June 2018, the CFPM communicated to all parties concerned the results of an investigation into an allegation of unfairness at the eligibility stage for a professional position. More specifically, the complainant alleged she had been excluded from a staffing process because of her gender and age.


The evidence analyzed in this investigation failed to demonstrate there had been sexism or ageism in the staffing process concerned by the complaint. In fact, the analysis of the nearly 300 applications for this position, and more specifically the 30 or so successful applications at the first stage of the process clearly indicated the presence of candidates from diverse age groups, including that of the complainant. Thus, the allegation of ageism was refuted.

The CFPM’s investigation also revealed that Ville de Montréal meets the targets of the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ) with respect to the representation of men and women in the occupation concerned by the complaint. This fact invalidated the complainant’s allegation of sexism. The investigation further demonstrated that the candidates that were interviewed, including the appointee, had a profile that better met the requirements of the position, as stated on the posting, than that of the complainant. As a result, the members of the CFPM concluded that the latter had not been discriminated against for gender or age reasons.


In light of the elements analyzed, the members ruled that this complaint was unfounded.

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